The Premier Lender For Real Estate Investors.

Pine Financial Group is the premier lender for real estate investors in Colorado, Minnesota, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. With an extensive background in alternative financing sources, Pine Financial Group has the expertise to help you get your deal closed.

Who We Are

We focus on the needs of Colorado, Minnesota, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin real estate investors. We are investors ourselves and we know what it takes to get deals closed. Our real niche is lending private money to rehab investors but we have extensive experience in both conventional and portfolio lending. Everyone at Pine Financial Group, Inc., is dedicated to the success of his or her clients.

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Our Loans

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Rehab Loans

Working on a fix and flip or fix and hold project? If you are looking for a lender to fund the purchase and repairs for your next project, we have your back!

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IRA Loans

Did you know your IRA can borrow money to fix and flip houses? These loans are required to be non-recourse to the IRA owner and can be challenging to find. We are self-directed IRA experts and can help you with your next IRA investment property.

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45 Day Bridge Loans

The cheaper short-term solution. If you need to wait out a deed restriction or have a super easy rehab project, the 45 Day Loan is the perfect fit. Close on your deal now and refinance later.

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Commercial Bridge Loans

Value-add is the name of the game. We understand that financing commercial projects in need of improvements or stabilization can be tricky. That is why we offer a bridge loan giving you time to stabilize and refinance your commercial projects. One value-add commercial deal can change your life forever. We are there for you!

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Portfolio Loans

Need a lender with a little more flexibility and can get deals done? Let’s face it. Real estate investing can be hard, especially the financing. If your deal does not fit into the perfect little box for easy financing, you may want to consider a portfolio lender.

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90% Acquisition Loans

Need to close fast? Check out the 90% Acquisition Loan where we can close in days, not weeks or months, with a small 10% down payment.

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Flash Cash Loans

If you are a wholesaler, we can help. Restrictions with double closes have become more and more challenging. It is often necessary to fund your deal before you can resell it and make your profit. Need money for a day or two? We can handle that.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Pine Financial Group is an excellent fit for my business needs. They understand our regional economy and my business. Pine provides personalized service, attention to detail and more importantly, no surprises at the closing table! I can have greater confidence in my business growth plans with Pine Financial as part of my professional team. If you are looking for a long-term partner to take care of your lending needs, look no further.

Kevin is an excellent source for all that is real estate investing. From private party lending and fix and flips to rentals and maximum cash flow, he knows this market. You will get much more than just a loan with Kevin at Pine Financial. You will get an education and an opportunity to surround yourself with the elite in this local industry. I would highly recommend Kevin and Pine Financial to seasoned investors as well as new comers looking for an honest, straight shooting source for real estate financing.​

These folks are the real deal and have a straight forward program. Used them on my last purchase, and will use them again.