Can you do what others can’t?

frustrated“I can’t find deals!” In almost every live class we do I hear the same thing.

My response is typically… “Well, where are you looking?” Of course their response is almost always the same.  It is like I know their answer before I even ask the question.  The same people that are complaining about the lack of deal flow are the same people not willing to put in the work.

Stephanie and I had a neighbor that came to a Fourth of July block party at our house last year.  He was not eating the food or enjoying the same beverages as the other adults.  I asked him a few times to enjoy a beer with me, but he felt he couldn’t because he was training.  Q, as we called him, is a professional football player.  He was getting ready for the upcoming season.  He told me about his training regimen and diet.  It was obvious to me that he really cared about his profession and was doing everything possible to be the best he could be.  That is a difference you see with athletes that make it to the professional level.  They are willing to do what other athletes are not, so they can do what those other athletes can’t.

Being a professional real estate investor is not any different.  To reach the elite level, you need to put in the work.  The unsuccessful investor is struggling to find deals in the MLS and complaining about it, while the successful investor is out knocking on doors, or sending out a mailing campaign to track down deals.  Successful investors think outside of the box, stay consistent and focused, and work extremely hard.  They also:

  • are willing to put in the time.
  • are willing to hear the word “no”
  • are focused on their success
  • are willing to do things that scare them

There are several things that separate the elite from the hobbyist, but it always comes down to one thing:  Are you willing to do what others are not?

Part of doing what others are not is educating yourself in this business.   It is extremely important that you invest in yourself.  This could Success graphmean an investment of time and/or money.  Investing in yourself will return more profit than any other investment you can make.  When I was starting there was only one real estate club, and it cost money to go to the meetings and classes.  Not only did it cost money, but once there, we were upsold into other classes, coaching, books, and home study courses.  As frustrating as it was to get sold to over and over, I was grateful for the nuggets of information the speakers were providing.  I used that knowledge to grow my business, and I am where I am today because of it.  I was willing to give up my evenings and weekends and the money to attend, so I can have the lifestyle I have today.  If you are reading this, my guess is you have a similar drive and are also willing to take action.  If that is you, and you have not signed up for one of our upcoming Success Summits, you need to do that now.  The information in these events is so much better than what I was getting early in my career, and the cost is a fraction of what I was paying.

There is nothing more important in your business than investing in yourself, so there should be no reason to miss this event.  The cost is low and we don’t allow our speakers to sell from the stage.  If you are like me, and willing to do what others are not, so you can do what others can’t, then don’t read another word until you get registered.  We have two events:

Twin Cities – October 18, 2014

Denver – October 25, 2014

Do you ever get on FaceBook and see your friends taking a day off to golf or be with their family?  Do you ever see the same person going on yet another trip? Join me one of these two Saturdays and let’s work together to create a life where you can do what others can’t.