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Avoid 8 Common Real Estate Mistakes Of First-Time Investors

Published September 2, 2021

Real estate investing can be quite lucrative, but it's not always easy. It's a myth that all real estate investors are wildly successful. Many new...


How To Improve Bad Credit – 9 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Published September 1, 2021

As a real estate investor, you'll need access to different types of financing throughout your career. After all, most investors don't have enough money to...


How To Reduce Capital Gains Tax On The Sale Of Real Estate – 9 Ways

Published August 24, 2021

Talk about the cost of capital gains taxes in real estate investing, and everyone has a story to tell. Every investor seems to think they...


How To Improve Your Credit Score & Secure Better Loan Terms – 8 Steps

Published August 15, 2021

If you have been trying to get a real estate investment loan, but your current credit score is not good enough to pass the lender's...

Business Insight, Fix And Flip For Investors, General

It’s Okay To Hire Out Remodeling Work

Published August 11, 2021

I get a lot of questions from new people, but some stick out as being pretty frequent. “Hey Sean, do you see investors do a...

Business Insight, Investment Secrets

Investing With No Money Down Is Possible

Published August 11, 2021

I was sitting in a meeting full of extremely successful real estate investors and the topic of what beginning investors want to know came up. ...

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