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With over a decade of experience lending in Minnesota, Pine Financial Group has funded thousands of loans for real estate investors. With a local team ready to help, we are poised to be the lender of choice for Minnesota real estate investors.

Pine Financial Group is on the cutting edge of loans designed with you, the investor, in mind.

Our Hard Money Loans

We started in Minnesota more than ten years ago with this loan. It is by far the most popular because it helps newer and experienced investors make more money. With the 100% Rehab Loan, we finance your purchase and repairs, limiting or eliminating the need for a down payment.

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Did you know you can fix and flip houses in your IRA? Talk about growing wealth fast! There is no denying the tax benefits of an IRA, but with government limitations, it can be hard to grow. That is no longer an issue with the Non-recourse IRA Loan.

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There are times you need to close fast, or you need a little time. Maybe you have some minor repairs to make before a refinance or you need to own a house for a while before you can resell it. The 45 Day Bridge Loan includes the perfect amount of time for your short term real estate needs.

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They say one commercial value-add deal can change your life. A value-add deal is simply improving a property and increasing its value. With the Commercial Bridge Loan, you can purchase and improve your value-add commercial investments.

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A portfolio loan simply means the lender holds the loan in its portfolio. They don't sell it, so they make their own guidelines. These loans can be very flexible, making the impossible deal possible.

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Have a small down payment and want to close fast and save some money? The 90% Acquisition loan is quickly becoming a gem of a loan in Minnesota. With no appraisal requirement, you can close in days instead of weeks or months.

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This wholesaler's dream loan will fund your wholesale double close transactions when you only need the funding for a day or two. 100% financing for a flat fee. No interest!

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Because we are lending our own money and money we have raised from individual investors, we underwrite and service all our loans in house. With our local presence and desire to help you succeed, we have the flexibility and speed to get your deals done.

We Service Borrowers Across Minnesota

With a strong focus in the Twin Cities, Pine Financial Group will look in other markets such as Saint Cloud and Rochester. We are also able to cross over into Wisconsin if your perfect deal presents itself. 

What Makes Pine Financial Group The Best Choice For Minnesotan Flippers

Hard money loans are just another tool in the tool belt. The high leverage nature of the loan is what makes it so powerful. Limiting your cash out-of-pocket increases your return on investment and opens up more opportunities for newer or experienced investors alike. Pine Financial Group has been in this business for years, and our loan consultants all have the fix and flip experience. When you choose to work with Pine Financial Group as your Minnesota hard money lender, you choose to work with professionals with the expertise and desire to help you succeed. 


Because we make the loan decisions, we have the flexibility to work with you on your tough to finance projects. Credit blemish? Challenged to document income? Low down payment? No problem. Let’s work together to get your deal done.

Quick Approvals

Bank financing can take weeks or even months to get done. We underwrite in house and make decisions fast! In most cases, we can close in two weeks, but if needed, we can get your deal closed in days. 


Don’t have a deal and just want to be sure you qualify? We have same-day pre-approvals and offer loan commitment letters for your benefit at no cost. Get approved today!

More Opportunities

Think your deal is not financeable? Let us have a look. With years of experience with creative financing, we have solutions to even the toughest challenges. Don’t pass on a good deal because you don’t know how to get it financed. Let’s work together to get the deal done!

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