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Pine Financial Group is a leader in the hard money lending space. With thousands of completed deals and years of experience, we are well equipped to help Wisconsin real estate investors close more deals. We understand investors because we are investors.

We have money to lend and want to lend it in your area. Specializing in properties that need to be improved, we are your real estate investing and financing experts. Are you a Wisconsin investor needing financing for your next project? We have a loan specially designed for you.

Our Hard Money Loans

Pine Financial Group has the perfect loan for you with a menu of loans crafted with the real estate investor in mind. 

Are you looking for low or no money down financing? We have that! The 100% Rehab Loan is perfect for the fix and flipper or fix and holder who wants to limit their down payment. It is still possible to borrow 100% of your purchase and repairs on your next project.

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Because Wisconsin real estate can boost your retirement, we crafted a loan for your IRA. Fix and flip or fix and refinance; this loan is perfect for an investor wanting to do deals inside their IRA.

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Sometimes you just need a little time. We understand that each deal you do is unique, and sometimes you need time. Maybe the property needs a quick fix, or you need to own it for some time before you can sell it. The 45 Day Bridge Loan is designed to save you money on your short term financing needs.

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Have you made the leap to commercial real estate investing in Wisconsin? There is a lot of money to be made in value-add commercial projects, but you need a way to fund these tough to finance properties. We can provide you with the loan to buy and improve your commercial investments in Wisconsin.

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Ever wonder how some investors can grow their portfolio over the limits set by conventional lenders? Or how an investor can close on those tough to finance properties? Portfolio lenders do not have the same stringent underwriting standards because they create their own guidelines. This creates tremendous flexibility, which is essential for real estate investors.

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This extremely popular loan is perfect for the fix and flip or fix and hold investor wanting to close fast and save money! With a small 10% down payment, you can close on your purchase in less than a week and save on loan fees in the process.

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Wholesaling Wisconsin real estate and need funding for a day or two? We understand that it is tough to double close your Wisconsin wholesale deals. This financing is available for Wisconsin investors that need to fund their double closes.

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We Service Borrowers Across Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the perfect place for Pine Financial Group to lend money. The deals are strong, and Wisconsin investors need more sources of capital to run their business. We are here for you! 

What Makes Pine Financial Group The Best Choice for All Wisconsin Based Flippers?

Pine Financial Group has the team in place to help you get your deals in Wisconsin done. Being in business for more than a decade, Pine Financial Group has helped hundreds of investors fund thousands of deals. We understand the needs of real estate investors because we are investors, and that’s all we do.

If you are looking to build the best team possible, start with the best lender possible. We are 100% dedicated to your success, which is why we are your lender of choice.

Hard money is an essential tool for real estate inventors. Here is why:


Common-sense underwriting. We underwrite and make our own lending decisions, meaning you can talk to the decision-maker. Help us understand your plan so we can help you fund it.

Quick Approvals

Need to close fast? We understand that. We are typically ready to close on your deals before the title companies are. We have same-day approvals and closings in days instead of weeks or months. Get approved today for free so that you can make your offers with confidence.

More Opportunities

We can close on tough-to-finance situations, whether it is imperfect credit, hard to document income, or a challenging property. We look for solutions. We are only successful when you are.

Need a Helping Hand?