Creating Your Own Roadmap to Real Estate Riches

Published Thursday, October 15, 2020
By Justina Thompson


Justin will show you not just a roadmap for success but show you how to build your own. Everyone’s journey and everyone’s definition of success is different. Shouldn’t we each have our own map? In this class you will learn:

• What the guru’s roadmap is and why it is flawed
• Why we need to have a custom Roadmap
• How to build your own custom Roadmap
• How to actually use and follow the map!

We discuss the Guru roadmap of starting with wholesaling, then flips moving on to rentals and then maybe someday getting into commercial/multifamily.
We back up to where you are today and who you are and what skills you possess. Then I give an example of reverse engineering starting from square one and progressing having 10 rentals working through how many deals they need to do, income generated, offers made and properties looked at.

When: October 21st at 12:00 PM Mountain Time

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