Finding your After Repaired Value (ARV)

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Wednesday, December 2nd 2020 12:00 pm MTN

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After repaired value is one of the hardest and most important skills as a real estate investor. If you miss this number, you could lose a lot more than your shirt. Learn from a pro on what someone will pay for your property. There are often many mistakes when it comes to valuation (even from your trusted advisers) so come learn how to do it right.
Kevin Amolsch is a successful real estate investor and financing consultant. Founder of Pine Financial Group, Inc and author of “The 45 Day Investor” he has bought, sold, and financed hundreds of deals. His company has funded well over 1,600 private money notes worth more than $500 million. He is an expert in fix and flip valuation and analyzing deals. Here is just some of what you will learn from Kevin in this presentation:
· How to run the numbers for sure fire success
· How to look at comps like an appraiser
· The common pitfalls even the most experienced investors fall into
· Strategies to be sure your fix and flip will appraise for what you need it to
When: November 25th at 12:00 PM Mountain Time
Where: Zoom Register Here

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About Kevin Amolsch

Kevin Amolsch formed Pine Financial Group, Inc in October 2008 after leaving a small mortgage company as the senior loan officer for residential lending. Learn More


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