Hard Money Lending Class

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Thursday, July 8th 2021 10:00 am MTN

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Hosted By: Justin Cooper

Are you and your clients investing in property? Are you sitting on the sidelines while other investors are making a killing in todays market?

Learn how to finance investment properties with Hard and Private Money. Did you know you can borrow the money to buy AND rehab properties? There are reasons successful and savvy investors utilize hard money in their real estate investing. It is not just for people with bad credit anymore. Come learn when and why to use hard money including how to buy rentals with no down payments.

When: July 8th at 10:00 AM Mountain Time

Where: Register Here

How Do I Contact The Organizer With Any Questions?

Please email us at info@pinefinancialgroup.com for any questions about the upcoming event.

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Kevin Amolsch formed Pine Financial Group, Inc in October 2008 after leaving a small mortgage company as the senior loan officer for residential lending. Learn More


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