Lunch and Learn with Justin Cooper: Questions to Ask Your Hard Money Lender

Published Tuesday, September 15, 2020
By Leeane Nagle

Pine Financial

Have you wasted your time “interviewing” hard money lenders just to find out they can’t lend to you? Have you felt intimidated to call a hard money lender because you didn’t know what to be asking? How about starting to get a hard money loan, only to find out the “real” details of the loan once it was too late and you missed your closing? Over the past 8 years as a hard money lender, Justin has just about seen it all, and heard it all! After countless conversations with investors, Justin has whittled down the list of important questions investors should be asking their hard money lender before nailing them down.

Join us for the Lunch and Learn as Justin walks us through the top 10(ish) questions to be asking your hard money lender as well as the answers to these questions, and explains why they are important. He’ll also answer any questions you may have!