Meet Andrew Howie

Andrew Howie

Loan Officer

Andrew Howie

Loan Officer

Andrew is a self-described family man, as well as a sport and car junky! Often going by his last name, Howie, Andrew relishes any opportunity to try something new. In the early phases of his professional life, he became a PGA professional and was a highly sought after teacher. To this day, he enjoys teaching and getting out on the course! He fell into Real Estate quite naturally, and it blends his impeccable customer service with his curiosity and intelligence. Andrew has a passion for helping people and being in the lending space allows him to do that by analyzing deals and funding loans to assist his clients in accomplishing their real estate goals! When not working, Andrew can be found coaching his son’s hockey team, playing a round of golf, enjoying tennis, hiking, skiing and fishing (in the warmer months)!

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