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Meet Sean Blomquist

Sean Blomquist

Loan Officer (Head of Minnesota Originations)

Sean Blomquist

Loan Officer (Head of Minnesota Originations)

Sean Blomquist has a passion for helping his clients make money. With a background in construction and finance, it was a natural fit to work in this industry. He joined the Pine Financial Group team as their inspector in 2012 and became a full time originator in January 2013. Like the rest of our team, he speaks and teaches various groups about how to advance their real estate business. As the head of MN originations, he has been involved in all of the 700+ transactions since Pine Financial started lending in MN. Sean was born and raised in Minnesota and has lived in almost every corner of the metro. He currently resides in the north metro area with his wife and two children.

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Pine Financial - Investing

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