The Two Loan Types Pine Financial Offers

Published April 04, 2020

Here at Pine Financial we offer many different loan options for your real estate investing needs. The two main loans we use on a...Watch now!

Credit Card Hacks to Improve Your Score

Published April 04, 2020

Truth be told, we all have heard that having a credit card will make our credit score go up. We have also been told...Watch now!

The Brrr Strategy

Published March 03, 2020

The Brrr strategy is a great strategy if you are looking to grow your rental portfolio! Sean and Justin discuss how to buy rental...Watch now!

5 Overlooked Habits of a Millionaire

Published February 02, 2020

Have you heard before that one of the habits of a millionaire is that they get up early? While this may be true, Kevin...Watch now!

Networking in Real Estate

Published February 02, 2020

When you go into a networking event, you have to go in with a game plan and you have to know why you are...Watch now!

Big Money Mindset of Real Estate Investors

Published January 01, 2020

What qualities do people have, specifically real estate investors, that make them successful? They have a “Big Money Mindset!" Sean and Kevin talk about...Watch now!

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