Pine’s First Attempt at Their YouTube Trailer

Find out what this channel is all about! Featuring founder of Pine Financial Group, Inc., Kevin Amolsch!

When You Should (or shouldn’t) Start Your Rehab

When you finally find a good deal and get it under contract, it can be exciting and you may want to start the rehabilitation process...Watch now!

What’s the Big Deal? Part 2

We believe it is important for our clients to know that we are not only a hard money lender but active real estate investors ourselves....Watch now!

Three MORE Reasons to Use Hard Money Financing

As described last week, hard money financing is a type of financing that not every real estate investor understands. We mentioned that there are many...Watch now!

Three Reason to Use Hard Money Financing

Hard money loans is a type of financing that not every real estate investor understands. While traditional banks and other types of financing can be...Watch now!

Utilizing Portfolio Lenders and Banking Relationships

Do you know what a portfolio lender is? Have you ever used one? Travis Sperr and Kevin Amolsch discuss portfolio lenders and how important it...Watch now!

Investment Criteria for Beginning Real Estate Investors

Are you just starting out in real estate investing? Do you know how to find a good deal? Kevin Amolsch and Justin Cooper discuss some...Watch now!

The Expert Tells All With Charles Roberts

The expert tells all! Justin Cooper interviews Your Castle Real Estate's managing broker and owner, Charles Roberts. They discuss how Charles got his start in...Watch now!<

Three Ways to Increase Property Value

As a real estate investor, you are choosing to invest in each property for one thing, profit! It is important to get the most money...Watch now!

Should You Use a Property Manager?

When you own rental properties, you are either managing those properties on your own or you have hired a property manager to step in and...Watch now!

What’s the Big Deal?

As a real estate investor it is important to know what is going on in the markets surrounding you and hear what other investors are...Watch now!

The Expert Tells All With Matt Telinde

Grand Junction, Colorado real estate investor, Matthew Telinde will be joining us! We will be discussing how Matt got his start in Real Estate, how...Watch now!

Estimating Repairs

One of the most important things an investor must be able to do is estimate repairs. The accuracy of this can make or break your...Watch now!

Economic Doomsday – protect yourself from hyper inflation

Does the national debt scare you? If not you have not seen the National Debt Clock. I just got done reading the Creature From Jekyll...Watch now!

Rental Property Analysis

Do you know how to analyze a deal when you have it? Are you interested in making your analysis that much more accurate? Joe Massey...Watch now!

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