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Wholesaling vs Bird Dogging

What is the difference between Bird Dogging and Wholesaling? How are they similar? How are they different? What are the risks and the benefits? These can both be great strategies for newer investors to get their feet wet and start making money in real estate, as well as potentially full time businesses. Sean and Travis..

Cash on Cash Return vs. Return on Investment

***UPDATE: We have noticed that there is a mistake in the math when Kevin annualizes the gross amount on the COC formula (approx. 2:20). This amount should actually read $4,200, which does lower the return to 9.3% when calculating that amount into the COC formula. The ROI would adjust to 33.5%. We apologize for this..

5 Keys to Being a Successful Real Estate Investor

Going into the New Year, most of us have goals for the upcoming year that we would like to set and succeed in. For many people, this goal is simply to be successful. This can be especially true for real estate investors as a real estate investing career can be one of the most difficult..

Fixing and Flipping Inside Your IRA

Do you have an IRA with money sitting in that you’d like to invest and increase the funds?? Using your IRA to borrow money for your next real estate investment can be a great investment choice! Justin and Kevin describe how you can use your retirement funds (IRA) to fix and flip, and describe exactly..

4 Creative Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

If you are just starting out in the real estate investing business, you may not have the cash flow that you want or need to build the successful investment business that you are working towards. If this is the case, you may be thinking about different methods of how to make some extra money on..

How to Raise 500k in Private Money in Less Than 20 Days!

How many deals would you be doing if money was no object? Financing your fix and flips or rental portfolio is one of the toughest prohibiting factors to your success. In this Webinar, Kevin Amolsch, founder of Pine Financial Group, will teach you how to remove the deal funding obstacle by giving you tried and..

Having the Right Team for Your Real Estate Investing Business

Last week, we talked about hiring a real estate coach and whether or not you should, based on your business goals. Hiring a real estate coach can be a great start to building a solid team for your real estate investing business. This week, Justin briefly goes over an example of why having a good..

Hiring a Real Estate Coach

When working within the real estate investing business, whether you are just starting out, or an experienced investor, you may or may not want to hire a real estate coach. The decision to hire a real estate coach may be based on your business, your goals for your real estate investing business, and whether a..

The Importance of Having a Clear Exit Strategy

When working with any short term lender like Pine Financial Group for your next investment property, you will want to have a clear exit strategy. An exit strategy means knowing exactly what you plan to do with the property after the rehabilitation is done, in order to pay back the lender. In most cases, your..

Gap Funding

Gap funding is a lending strategy that isn’t always discussed or understood by real estate investors. This week, Travis and Kevin discuss gap funding and exactly what it means to use gap funding. Along with giving a great detailed description of what gap funding is, how it works, and when it may be used, they..

Webinar: Matching the Right Retirement Account Type to Your Real Estate Investing

***JUMP TO 3:45 FOR SOUND!!*** Tax advantaged retirement accounts are powerful tools when combined with the returns from real estate investing, but not all account types are the same. Solo 401(k) v. SEP IRA. Traditional IRA v. Roth IRA. Backdoor conversions and in plan rollovers. All these are considerations for choosing the right account type..

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Rehab

When working within the real estate investing business, saving money where you can, whether it is within your purchase price, or your rehabilitation budget, can make your deal more profitable. In this video, Justin and Travis discuss in detail, five different ways that they have found through their own investment projects, how you can save..

2018 Minnesota Real Estate Investor Success Summit Promo

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Pricing Property Types

As discussed previously, a large part of buying an investment property is knowing what your after repaired value will be for the property, so you are aware how much profit you can make. There are multiple factors that go into finding good comparable sales that will help you find the most accurate value for your..

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