The Real Estate Expert Tells All: Terrance Doyle

Terrance is a full-time real estate investor and developer focused strictly on multi family, 50-100+ unit apartments in Des Moines, IA and the Denver...Watch now!

Did Your Credit Score Change: Understanding the Reporting Model

Are you aware of the new changes happening to your credit score? You don't need a great credit score to be successful in real...Watch now!

4 Ways To Get Your Real Estate Offer Accepted

It is a challenging time to be buying real estate right now, especially as an investor, so how do you come in at a...Watch now!

PPP Loan: There Is Still Time, Get Your Free Money!

We have been hearing all about the PPP loan for months and you would think that there would not be any money left. WRONG!...Watch now!

Real Estate Lending Changes During Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, lenders across the nation have changed there borrowing criteria significantly. Many have raised the minimum credit score, as well as require...Watch now!

Five Reasons Housing Will Stay Strong During COVID

Because of COVID-19 and social distancing, we are seeing a flee to the suburbs! There are several reasons why real estate investors are safe...Watch now!

Preparing For The Second Covid Wave

Are you prepared for the second wave of Covid-19? As real estate investors, Kevin wants to share four steps to take to make sure...Watch now!

FREE Money! Is more stimulus coming?

Is more free money coming? The next round of stimulus is part of the new HEROES Act which is now in the senate. Learn...Watch now!

Housing Crash in 2021?

Many people have asked and wondered if there will be a housing crash in the near future, but considering the pandemic, the mortgage loan...Watch now!

Covid-19 & the Minnesota Housing Market

COVID-19 brought so much uncertainty and it left many real estate investors waiting on the sidelines for the right deal. Sean and Kevin are...Watch now!

Two More Ways To Create Liquidity During COVID-19

In the last couple of weeks we have talked a lot about liquidity and how important it is for you and your business. We...Watch now!

COVID-19 and the Colorado Housing Market

COVID-19 has brought so much uncertainty and it has left so many real estate investors wondering if it the right time to buy. Justin...Watch now!

What will Tightening Credit do to Home Values

Kevin is here with our preferred lender, Joe Massey, to discuss how COVID-19 is affecting home values and the tightening of credit. Many of...Watch now!

Forbearance Agreements and Covid-19

A Forbearance Agreement is when you are able to defer or miss some mortgage payments without a foreclosure action because of the CARES act....Watch now!

How To Find, Choose And Work With Real Estate Agents

Have you always wondered how the top investors get to work with the best agents? Just getting an agent to call you back can...Watch now!

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