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Denver Real Estate Investor Success Summit Keynote: Dan Issel!

We are excited to announce that Dan Issel will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2023 Denver Real Estate Investor Success Summit on October 14! Register now at Dan Issel played nine NBA seasons with the Denver Nuggets and averaged better than 20 points six times and made one trip to the All-Star Game…

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Mike Jacka – If You Can’t Make Money Without It, You Won’t With It

Join Kevin Amolsch and his guest Mike Jacka as they reveal the secrets to success in the real estate industry. Discover the importance of networking, leveraging technology, and continuous education. As an investor, Mike has been a landlord, rehabber, wholesaler, and a private lender. Currently, Mike specializes in structuring creative seller financing deals including Subject..

Real Estate Investors: What to Offer Rental Calculator

Have you ever tried to figure out what you should offer on a property that you want to fix up and keep as a rental property? Here is a calculator that we put together that highlights how you can come to your offer amount on your next fix and hold investment property. For More Content..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Jeff Kikel – Find Your Freedom Day

Jeff Kikel is an entrepreneur, author, thought leader, and investor. After 20 years of working for others, Jeff finally found the courage to leave the corporate world and launched businesses, invested in real estate, and finally found his own Freedom Day. He now teaches people how to reach their Freedom Day, the first day they..

Investing: Is A Penny Saved A Penny Earned?

Have you heard the phrase a penny saved is a penny earned? We do not always see it that way, especially in today’s volatile market. We are here to talk through some options for you, so let us know if you are wanting to talk through some investing opportunities! Reach out to us at

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Scott Craft – Get Out There and Get Active

Scott Craft was born and raised in Colorado and is a third-generation real estate investor. Scott’s father was a fix-and-flipper turned hard money lender and taught Scott the business while he was home from college during the summers of ’07, ’08, and ’09. After graduating with a degree in both Finance and Entrepreneurship & Emerging..

Real Estate Investing – Legal Regulations

Introducing a new playlist to the channel where our General Counsel, Jared Seidenberg, on recent happenings in the real estate world. Be sure to leave comments on the videos on topics that you want Jared’s feedback on! For More Content Like This, Subscribe To Our Channel With One Click: 00:00 – Intro00:38 – General..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Martin Perdomo – People Want To Do Business With People They Like

Martin grew up in poverty in New York City and wanted to change his life around and provide a better life for his family. He currently owns Skilled Property Finders and co-owns a multifamily syndication company, Premier Ridge Capital. He wants to provide QUALITY and AFFORDABLE housing to his tenants and wants to share his..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Jason Muth was a recent guest on The Real Estate Educators Podcast and he touched on imposter syndrome. Check out the full episode anywhere you get podcasts or on YouTube at @pinefinancial

Real Estate Investors: 3 Creative Ways To Save Money On Taxes

*Please be advised that this does NOT constitute tax advice. We are not your CPA. Please contact your CPA for any advice you may need.* In this week’s video, we talk about three creative ways that you can save money on your taxes. Please talk with your CPA before using any of these tips. For..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Jason Muth – I Won Half My Down Payment Gambling

Jason Muth has redefined his life and he is now a real estate investor, entrepreneur as well as a short-term rental owner and property manager. He also is one of the hosts and executive producer of The Real Estate Law Podcast. He fell into the world of real estate investing somewhat accidentally in 2015 when..

Meet The Team: Kiersten Rennels

Meet Kiersten Rennels! Kiersten joined the Pine team at the beginning of the year and has been a wonderful addition! She is a Colorado native and loves spending time with her family and friends. Connect with her today at For More Content Like This, Subscribe To Our Channel With One Click: 00:00 –..

Passive Real Estate Opportunity #selling #realestatepodcast #shorts

When you have to “sell” a value-add opportunity, it is not exactly selling. Hear Pine Financial’s Kevin Amolsch and Brandon McKnight touch on this and listen to the entire interview anywhere you listen to the Real Estate Educators Podcast

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Brandon McKnight – What Are You Really Trying to Achieve?

Brandon McKnight is the Chief Strategy Officer at Pine Financial Group. Prior to joining Pine Financial Group, Brandon was the President of CivicSource, a company that creates technology to protect taxpayer property rights, guarantees investors insurable titles, and provides collectors with an online marketplace to host transparent property auctions and tax sales. Before that, Brandon..

Hard Money Lending: Charging Orders

Charging orders is a hot topic in regards to hard money lending, and it is a somewhat complex topic. We talk about charging orders and how you need to protect your assets in this video. Keep your eyes open for upcoming information about Kevin’s second book, Fund Your Flip, which will be released soon! For..