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Expand Your Rental Property Portfolio With These Two Strategies

Published June 06, 2021

I love hearing about and learning new investment strategies. Two strategies I have been hearing a lot about these days are House Hacking and Nomad....

Business Insight, General

Achieve Success By Avoiding These Real Estate Investor Traps

Published May 05, 2021

Even the most successful investors will tell you that they have failed at some point during their career and have learned the hard way what...

Deal Analysis, Market Information

It’s A Seller’s Market: Here’s What You Need To Know

Published April 04, 2021

The real estate market seems to be hot everywhere I look. Shortages in inventory, paired with very favorable interest rates continue to drive real estate...

Business Insight, Foreclosures, How to Find Deals, Investment Secrets

Make Smart Real Estate Investments By Avoiding These Myths

Published April 04, 2021

We have all seen the late-night TV infomercials with the big houses, expensive watches, and fancy cars. Oh yeah, and you can do it part-time...

Deal Analysis, Foreclosures, How to Find Deals, Investment Secrets

Redefining The Competition Through Market Opportunity Analysis

Published April 04, 2021

Business opportunities are needed to both start your venture and to grow it. But how do you know what opportunities to pursue? Shouldn't you jump...

Investment Secrets

The Stock Market Versus Real Estate: Which Investment Is Better?

Published April 04, 2021

I was 22 when I completed my general classes in school and began signing up for finance and business classes. At that point, I owned...

Investment Secrets

How To Become A Hard Money Lender

Published March 03, 2021

One real estate investor responded, "To have more passive income than expenses." The question asked was, "What is your goal for real estate investing?"  The...