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How To Buy A Rental Property – Your Guide On How To Get It Right

Published November 11, 2022

There are lots of ways to invest in real estate, but if you're looking for a long-term investment that can bring in regular income, then...


Capital Gains On Rental Property: What You Need To Know

Published September 09, 2022

Investing in rental properties is a great way to generate passive income, but it also comes with a few tax considerations. Namely, you'll need to...


The Basics Of Rental Property Depreciation

Published June 06, 2022

Investing in a rental property is a great way to earn extra income, but it's essential that you understand the different tax implications of owning...


6 Reasons Owning Rental Property is a Smart Decision

Published August 08, 2021

How would you like to become a millionaire? There is a reason more millionaires either hold their wealth in real estate or made their wealth...

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5 Tips To Make Money As A Landlord

Published March 03, 2021

When it comes to real estate strategy, I am a big fan of holding property with a long horizon. Whether you like rentals or not,...