90% Acquisition Loans

90% Acquisition Loan - The Faster Approval House Flip Loan

Pine Financial Group understands the needs of real estate investors. You need loans to get deals done so you can make your money. With a menu of loans designed to help you close your transactions, we are prepared so you have the money available when you need it.

This loan is specially designed to help you close fast with a small down payment. Only 10% down and close in days, not weeks or months. 

A Loan Designed To Help Real Estate Investors Close Faster

Need to close in less than a week? We’re on it! One-week closings are standard with our 90% Acquisition Loan, but we can close your deal in a day or two if that need presents itself.

Why Is This A Faster Approval Than Other Real Estate Investment Loans?

Because we don’t require an appraisal and underwrite the loan in house, we can pull out all the stops to help you get your deal closed. Assuming you provide everything we need, we offer full approvals within 24 hours. From there we can close when you and the title company are ready. 

The reason we are comfortable with closing within a week is we are taking less risk compared to our other loan products. You will need to provide a 10% down payment and closing costs and then fund the repairs yourself. We believe that as you work through your repairs, we are being placed into a stronger position with the collateral. As you repair the property it becomes more valuable, helping to further secure the loan. This allows us to take on a little extra risk. We waive the appraisal requirement, which is the item that slows other lenders down.

Features Of The 90% Acquisition Loan

Choosing this loan helps you save on fees and close fast! Is this loan the perfect fit for your next real estate investment purchase?

This loan is more affordable because we reduce the origination fee. This goes directly to your bottom line to help you make more money on each deal you do.

Because we can have full approval with a clear to close in 24 hours, we never miss a closing.

No appraisal requirement helps save money and speeds up underwriting so you can close on your deal fast!

Pine Financial Group never charges an application fee. Get pre-approved today so your money is ready when you are.

Like all loans we offer, there are no tricks or smoke and mirrors. There is nothing but transparency. Unlike our competitors, you will never pay a prepayment penalty or find unexpected fees.

We Can Give No Cost Loan Commitment Letters

Are you an investor out looking for deals? Having money behind you helps strengthen your offers and makes it easier to secure deals. Sellers want to know you can close and we can help prove it! Get your no-cost loan commitment letters by getting pre-approved today. Did we mention there is no cost?

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