Published July 18, 2023

How To Find A Distressed Commercial Property For Sale

The current state of the real estate market can often be a tricky one. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to...


Published June 12, 2023

Invest Success: Assisting Beginner Real Estate Investors

Welcome back! In this blog post, we'll delve more into the Invest Success program, designed to assist beginner real estate investors like yourself. If you...


Published January 23, 2023

What To Expect When Getting A Renovation Loan

As a real estate investor, there are many financing options that you can pursue, whether you're buying fix-and-flip properties or rental properties. If the property...


Published November 11, 2019

Constant Improvement – A Hero’s Vital Trait

And there she is, saving the day again! She always turns the toughest situations into a winning situation. How does she do it? We all...


Published April 17, 2019

Alligator Skin: The Sure-Fire Way to Self-Improvement

I was holding my new born daughter, Maddie, on a spring night in 2008. The house was quiet, and I left her room dark as...


Published February 14, 2014

Gap Funding For Real Estate Investors: Why It’s Not A Good Idea

When it comes to real estate investing, finding the right financing options can be a challenge. There are many different types of financing that I...


Published May 2, 2013

Hard Money Questions and Answers

Have questions about Hard Money? Check out this video that walks you through the top questions asked of hard money lenders including: how much will...


Published June 7, 2011

The Biggerpockets.com Video Interview Ft. Kevin Amolsch

Must see interview with Joshua Dorkin of http://www.biggerpockets.com and Kevin Amolsch, founder of Pine Financial Group.  Discussing hard money loans, landlording and how to acquire investment...

Pine Financial’s Lending Process

Every loan that we make goes through our lending process. Whether you are a borrower or are interested in investing with us, get to know the steps we take to ensure we are investing in successful projects.