Invest Success: Assisting Beginner Real Estate Investors

Welcome back! In this blog post, we’ll delve more into the Invest Success program, designed to assist beginner real estate investors like yourself. If you would like to check out my first article about what this course is, you can find that here.

Invest Success is a comprehensive program aimed at educating individuals interested in real estate investments, particularly fix and flips. Led by experienced instructors, Tim Emery and Jim Edenfield, this program offers practical insights and strategies to help you navigate the world of real estate investing.

Invest Success Class Highlights

Over the past month, we attended two valuable classes: “How to Find a Deal” and “Rehab Planning.” These sessions provided us with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences to enhance our understanding of the real estate market.

“How To Find A Deal” Class

In the “How to Find a Deal” class, we explored various channels for locating potential properties. The instructors covered strategies such as working with wholesalers, utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), exploring public trustee sales and auctions, leveraging marketing techniques like direct mail, utilizing online platforms such as Facebook and Craigslist, and even employing the “driving for dollars” approach. The class offered detailed insights into each approach, empowering us with the confidence that viable investment opportunities exist—you just need to know where and how to look.

“Rehab Planning” Class

The “Rehab Planning” class, in my opinion, was the most crucial session thus far. Tim Emery guided us through the process of mapping out a rehab project. We learned to assess property needs, consider the location and target market, and budget accordingly for necessary repairs and renovations. The class also covered contractor management, ensuring they have your best interests in mind. Invest Success even provides helpful templates and calculators to simplify the overwhelming task of rehab planning.

Invest Success Program Value and Benefits

I must say, I am highly satisfied with the Invest Success program. The knowledge I’ve gained so far surpasses the program’s cost, and the connections I’ve made within the real estate community are invaluable. The instructors’ expertise and ability to guide us through property tours, discussing rehab potential and budgeting, have been immensely beneficial.

Invest Success offers a risk-free opportunity to attend your first class for free. This allows you to evaluate whether the program is a good fit for you without any financial commitment.

Real-Life Invest Success Story

One inspiring aspect of the Invest Success program is the real-life success stories shared by participants. Recently, one of the students in our class successfully purchased a property for flipping, with the support of Pine Financial Group, who facilitated the lending process and closed the deal in under a week. This story showcases that the program not only teaches you about fix-and-flips but can also assist in finding potential investment properties to support your goals.

Invest Success is a program geared towards beginner real estate investors seeking to explore fix and flips. By joining this program, you can gain practical knowledge, learn about finding lucrative deals, develop effective rehab plans, and enhance your understanding of contractor management. Remember, real estate investing requires dedication, continuous learning, and adaptability to market conditions. Take the leap, and if you join the Invest Success program, I think you will be able to start your real estate investment journey with confidence.

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