45-Day Bridge Loans
In Colorado

A bridge loan is simply a means to an end. Getting from point A to point B. A short-term solution for real estate investing. It could be as simple as just needing to close faster than your bank will be ready, or more complicated like stabilizing a property to increase the income. Bridge financing is common with real estate investors and real estate wholesalers, especially in Colorado. We provide this unique financing tool for Colorado real estate investors.

When A 45 Day Bridge Loan Makes Sense

The 45 Day Bridge Loan is perfect for Colorado real estate investors. It helps wholesalers with short sales, foreclosures, or other transactions with deed restrictions. It is also handy when a property needs minor repairs that can be completed quickly. Closing fast is our specialty. Don’t lose out on a deal because it is not financeable, or you can’t close on time. Let us help you with a 45 Day Bridge Loan.

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