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You have several choices when selecting a hard money lender in Colorado. A question to ask is what separates one from another? Because we have been a Colorado Hard Money lender since 2008, we know what real estate investors need to be successful. The challenge with hard money lenders and hard money loans, is no two are the same. It makes it very difficult to compare one from the other. Some hard money lenders might be priced better, but will they have the funds available when you need them?

We are Colorado experts. Real estate investors ourselves and a hard money lender with thousands of deals under our belt. Let us help you fund your next real estate investment in Colorado. Give a call and speak to a consultant today for free!

Our Hard Money Loans

We have several loans specially designed with you in mind. We understand real estate investors because we are real estate investors.

The loan that started it all. The 100% rehab loan is used by Colorado investors to buy and rehab houses. Whether you are fixing and flipping or fixing to hold, we can help with this true no money down option.

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Let’s face it, taxes slow you down. What if you could leverage into Colorado real estate inside your IRA and reduce or even eliminate taxes? We offer loans to self-directed IRAs to buy and rehab houses.

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The perfect option for your quick bridge needs. Maybe you need to own a property for a little while before you can sell it or maybe you have financing in place that just can’t get done on time. We have you covered with this 45-day loan.

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They say one commercial deal can change your life forever. Many times, commercial projects need to be stabilized before it qualifies for traditional bank financing. We can help with the acquisition and repairs or construction on your next Colorado commercial project to get it ready for your permanent financing.

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Having trouble financing Colorado investment properties? A portfolio lender can help. Because they do not sell their loans, portfolio lenders have a tremendous amount of flexibility in the underwriting and can close on those hard to finance transactions.

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Need a quick close and have a down payment? The 90% Acquisition Loan is for you. Cheaper than the rehab loan with no appraisal requirement makes this an extremely attractive option to purchase Colorado real estate.

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Wholesaler trying to double close? We provide the one or two-day financing to close your wholesale transactions.

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We Service Borrowers Across Colorado

Happily lending up and down the front range and in Grand Junction, we are your real estate investor lender of choice. You invest in Colorado because you know the strength of the market and you want to participate in that. Us too!

Denver Lending Experts

Pine Financial Group was formed in Denver by a Colorado native who purchased and sold millions of dollars in real estate before Pine Financial Group was ever born. We know Denver.

What Makes Pine Financial Group The Best Choice For All Colorado Based Flippers?

As a real estate investor, you know how important it is to have the right team. You need people to do what they say and come through for you when you need it. Pine Financial Group is the leader in Colorado hard money for a reason.


Pine Financial Group underwrites and services all loans in-house in Colorado. That means you can talk directly to the decision-maker. Don’t show enough income or have less than perfect credit? No problem. If you need a little flexibility to get your deal done, let’s talk about it and see what solutions we come up with.

Quick Approvals

Because we make our own decisions, we can approve loans fast. No waiting on an underwriter or loan committee. You can have your approval and be ready to fund in days, not weeks or months. In most cases, we supply same-day approval so you can start making offers right away! Get pre-approved today.

More Opportunities

Money creates opportunities. With the money behind you, you are free to locate the best opportunities for your real estate investing business. With Pine Financial in your corner, you can evaluate even the most complex deals. Because we are not a bank we are not stuck to traditional underwriting guidelines. We are happy to spend the time to help evaluate your deals and come up with solid money making strategies on your Colorado real estate investments.

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