Commercial Bridge Loans Colorado

Based in Colorado, Pine Financial Group is the hard money lender of choice. We have a deep understanding of Colorado and real estate investing, making us the perfect financing source for your commercial deals in Colorado. We understand the short-term financing needs of commercial real estate investors and are well equipped to meet those needs.

As a commercial real estate investor, you want to know you can close on time. There is a lot to lose if you don’t. Many times, commercial investors come across fantastic value-add commercial investments. A value-add investment is a property that is sold at a discount from its potential. If the real estate investor can make some improvements and get the property performing to its potential, they reap huge rewards. But an underperforming property is hard to finance. That is where the Commercial Bridge loan comes in handy.

Pine Financial Group will loan the money to buy and make improvements to your commercial real estate in Colorado and can close fast. With Pine Financial Group in your corner, you will never need to pass on a deal that your bank won’t finance.

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