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Your Flash Cash Lenders

As a real estate wholesaler, do you ever find yourself in need of 100% funding for a day or two? Because we understand real estate investors, we understand the need for Flash Cash loans, also known as transaction funding, so you can close on your wholesale deals.


We can help you work with the title company to get your side of the transaction closed so you can resell the property and make your profit all on the same day. Because we understand double closings well, we can help guide you to save on these transactions big time so you can put more money into your pocket on every wholesale deal you do.

Importance Of Transactional Funding For Wholesalers

Double closings are getting harder and harder to do. There continues to be increased regulation making it harder on real estate wholesalers. A double closing is when you have a house under contract to buy and you resell that house to a new buyer for a slighter higher amount. Because you cannot sell a house you don’t own, you need to close on the transaction with your seller and take ownership of the house. It used to be common to close with your buyer first, we call this the side B closing.

The title company would accept funding from side B and use that money to fund the transaction with your seller, the side A closing. You as the real estate wholesaler, would only own the house for an hour or so and you would use your buyer’s funding to close both transactions, making it unnecessary for you to have your own funding. 

Double closings are no longer so easy. In almost every state, title companies are required to fund side A before they can close side B. That means you, as the real estate wholesaler, need funding. 

How Does Flash Cash Work?

If you’re in need of quick cash, a flash cash loan could be the perfect solution. When you take out a flash cash loan from us, you’ll receive a lump sum of money that you can use to proceed with your closing transaction. You’ll then have a set period of time to repay the loan, plus interest. Flash cash loans can be a great way to get the money you need quickly and easily. And because they’re short-term loans, they can also help you avoid getting into long-term debt. We offer flash cash loans in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Many wholesalers use their own cash for their double-close transactions, but not everyone has that kind of money lying around. If you find yourself in need of super short-term funding, we can be your partner with our 100% Flash Cash Loan. There are many ways to avoid the double close, so give us a call and we will help you with your future deals.

Our Flash Cash Loans

Our 100% Flash Cash Loan is available nationwide and is a simple process for any real estate wholesaler who finds themselves in need of money for a day or two to close on a wholesale transaction. This is specially designed with the real estate investor in mind. This loan is used by real estate wholesalers to fund their double closings. 

We understand the needs of real estate wholesalers and know that you sometimes need to fund 100% of your transaction. We are happy to help. We fund 100% of the purchase price and all the closing costs so you will not need to bring any money to the closing table. 

Pine Financial Group never hides fees and you will never be surprised at what you pay.  Because this loan is only out a day or two, you will pay no interest. You will simply pay a loan fee of 1.5% of the loan amount to have access to all the money you need to close on your wholesale transactions.  

Because you, as a real estate wholesaler, only need the money to close side A of a double close, we are happy to fund 100% with very little qualifying. This means we are not looking at your financials to qualify you for this loan. We approve you, assuming you have a legitimate buyer ready to close.

Our process would be to review your contract with your seller and your contract with your buyer and then work directly with the title company to arrange both transactions. This is as easy as it gets.

Is A Flash Cash Loan Right For You?

This loan is for real estate investors that need funding for a day or two. It is typically used when a real estate wholesaler needs to close on a purchase before they can flip or resale it to their buyer in a back-to-back or double-close situation. We will wire the cash into the title company so you can close with your seller making the double close possible. You can then sell to your buyer the same day or a few days later. We will provide you with 100% of the purchase and can close fast!

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