Loans For Your IRA In Wisconsin

You are a real estate investor, so you know that more millionaires made their money or hold their money in real estate than any other investment vehicle. The stock market is too volatile and other alternative investments are hard to find and difficult to understand. That’s why successful investors gravitate to real estate inside their IRA. The tax advantages to an IRA are unmatched, and when you combine that with the proven returns of real estate investing, you are sure to accelerate and secure your retirement.   

One of the most powerful attributes of real estate investing is the fact that you can leverage it. If you own a $100,000 house that you put $20,000 into as a down payment you are 80% leveraged. If that house increases in value by 5%, a total of $5,000, your return on your $20,000 is 25%! And that does not include your monthly income from rent. 

Now you can leverage into properties in your IRA in Wisconsin. These loans are highly specialized because recourse to the IRA holder is not permitted. That means if you don’t make your payments, the lender cannot force you to pay. This creates additional risk and confusion that most lenders run from. Not us!

Self-Directed IRAs in Wisconsin Are A Powerful Way To Build Wealth For Your Retirement

Investing in Wisconsin real estate inside your IRA requires that you have a true self-directed IRA. The large investment companies do not offer these as they want you to invest in their portfolio of investments, like their managed mutual funds. A true self-directed IRA can invest outside the traditional markets, which includes real estate. Take control of your retirement and consider a self-directed IRA and invest in real assets.

Our IRA Loans

Pine Financial Group has been lending to IRAs for over a decade. 


  • Your IRA can borrow 90% of the purchase AND 90% of the funds needed for repairs.
  • 9-month terms give you plenty of time to flip the house or refinance it.
  • We can pay all contractors directly, making it much easier to manage the project.
  • Fast closing.
  • No loan amount limits.
  • Because there is no personal guarantee these loans are easy to qualify for.


  • Loan up to 90% of purchase and repairs capped at 65% of the after repaired value (ARV).
  • 15% reserve requirement means the IRA must have 15% of the final loan amount in liquid investments after closing.  This is only used for reserves in case something does not go to plan.
  • No personal income or asset documentation.

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