Portfolio Loan Lenders
In Washington D.C.

Portfolio lenders can find helpful services in Washington, DC. Many local credit unions and community banks will act as portfolio lenders. The portfolio lenders are identified as such since they hold on to their loans in their portfolios. The bank takes full responsibility for the loans it makes.

This is in stark contrast to the practices of conventional banks, which typically seek to profit from the loan origination process before selling off the loan to get additional funds with which to make additional loans. Profit is generated not through interest on loans but through loan fees. Lenders who intend to sell loans must conduct their underwriting under the requirements of the potential purchaser. As a result, they limit what they can offer. For this reason, real estate investors should prioritize cultivating relationships with portfolio lenders, who have more leeway in their dealings with borrowers. Portfolio lenders enjoy much greater discretion and freedom because they are the ones making the calls.

What Are Portfolio Loans?

Do you have an un-mortgageable property or a reason a regular loan will not suffice? There could be many reasons why you have trouble getting approved for a loan, such as damaged credit or lack of income. These are restrictions that a portfolio lender with its own lending criteria can overcome.

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