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If you are a real estate wholesaler, you will undoubtedly know it is getting more difficult to double close your real estate transactions. If you find yourself in a pinch and need to close on your wholesale deal in Colorado, we have you covered.

When You Only Need The Money Super Short-Term

The Flash Cash loan is perfect for the real estate investor looking for a loan for one to two days. Investors occasionally find themselves needing cash to close on a deal fast and they only need the money short term. This is most common in wholesale transactions.


A real estate wholesaler is a real estate investor that sells houses to other investors at discounted prices. They are good at locating deals which they mark up and resell. There are several ways to close a real estate wholesale transaction, including a double close. A double close is when the wholesaler buys a property and sells that property the same day or the next day at a slightly higher price. It used to be that the wholesaler could close with their buyer before they close with their seller. The buyer would fund the deal and the wholesaler would use those funds to close both transactions (the one with their seller and the one with the real estate investor buyer). We refer to these as dry funded transactions because the wholesaler did not need money to close the deal. The dry funding double close is almost extinct, and most title companies and attorneys are now requiring that the wholesaler close with the seller before they can resell to the buyer. It makes sense that they should own the house before they sell it. These are considered wet closings, referring to the wholesaler needing funding.

Because the funding is only needed for a day or two, Pine Financial Group will provide 100% of the costs to close for a simple flat fee of 1.5% of the loan amount. No interest, no payments, and no money down.

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