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Published April 13, 2021

Three Ways To Squeeze More Money Out Of Your Deal

It's A Seller's Market: Here's What You Need To Know The real estate market seems to be hot everywhere I look. Shortages in inventory, paired...

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Published May 12, 2020

Forbearance: Is It A Good Idea?

Don't do it!! Don't you dare do it!!" Some strong advice from a passionate financial expert. Barry Habib was discussing forbearance plans in a recent...

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Published April 12, 2020


Finally, a nice enough morning that I get sit on the balcony, drink my coffee and get caught up with the craziness the media is...

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Published March 29, 2019

BIG TAX BENEFITS? Qualified Opportunity Zones

I received another call last week about someone wanting to invest in an Opportunity Zone (OZ). I asked "Why?" and they said, "To save on...

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Published August 18, 2015

Jefferson Park Home Market Getting a Bump – Pine Funds Construction

Jefferson Park is getting another 18 new townhomes. Dublin Development plans to start work this fall on a $6 million townhome project near 28th Avenue...

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Published December 13, 2011

Freddie Mac Amends Short Sale Affidavit Policy

Everyone knows what Short Sales are, right? It is the process homeowners have to go through if they want to sell their property for less...

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Published February 8, 2011

Can a seller really prevent you from selling or refinancing a property you buy from them?

The title says it all.  That is exactly what is happening and it is becoming even more common.  This is all part of the banks...

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Published February 1, 2011

FHA – Flipping Property Rule Change

In case you have not heard there has been some excited news from FHA recently.   They are again waiving their anti-flipping rule for another year. ...

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