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Published September 13, 2023

Negative Leverage: Is This A Sign For A Crash?

What Is Negative Leverage? I had a very interesting email exchange with a client who was asking for my opinion on a deal he was...

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Published June 12, 2023

Colorado House Bill 23-1120: The “Mandatory Mediation Act”

Colorado House Bill 23-1120, also known as the "Mandatory Mediation Act," brings important changes to the resolution of real estate disputes in the state. While...

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Published April 11, 2023

The Renter’s Bill of Rights

Although the war on inflation is having and will continue to impact property owners, the attack I am referring to has nothing to do with...

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Published February 14, 2023

Current Economic Update: How It Affects The Housing Market

As we enter into 2023, many of us are keeping a close eye on the economy.  Is this the year the Fed finally admits we...

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Published January 13, 2023

6 Real Estate Investment Strategies For A Looming Recession

If we are not in a recession now, we will be soon.  Most experts believe this, so for our purposes, let’s assume it is happening,...

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Published November 10, 2022

Will Rising Interest Rates Cripple The Economy?

Interest Rates Have More Than Doubled In Less Than One Year It’s been an interesting past several months to say the least!  Because I get...

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Published October 7, 2021

Red-Hot Real Estate Market

With a red-hot real estate market, is now the time to sell? The decision is so much larger than trying to time the market. I...

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Published April 13, 2021

It’s A Seller’s Market: Here’s What You Need To Know

The real estate market seems to be hot everywhere I look. Shortages in inventory, paired with very favorable interest rates continue to drive real estate...

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Published May 12, 2020

Forbearance: Is It A Good Idea?

Don't do it!! Don't you dare do it!!" Some strong advice from a passionate financial expert. Barry Habib was discussing forbearance plans in a recent...

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Published April 12, 2020


Finally, a nice enough morning that I get sit on the balcony, drink my coffee and get caught up with the craziness the media is...

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Published March 29, 2019

BIG TAX BENEFITS? Qualified Opportunity Zones

I received another call last week about someone wanting to invest in an Opportunity Zone (OZ). I asked "Why?" and they said, "To save on...

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Published August 18, 2015

Jefferson Park Home Market Taking A Bump – Pine Construction

Jefferson Park is getting another 18 new townhomes. Dublin Development plans to start work this fall on a $6 million townhome project near 28th Avenue...

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Published February 14, 2014

Gap Funding For Real Estate Investors: Why It’s Not A Good Idea

When it comes to real estate investing, finding the right financing options can be a challenge. There are many different types of financing that I...

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Published December 13, 2011

Freddie Mac Amends Short Sale Affidavit Policy

Everyone knows what Short Sales are, right? It is the process homeowners have to go through if they want to sell their property for less...

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Published February 8, 2011

Can Sellers Stop You From Selling Or Refinancing Their Property?

The title says it all.  That is exactly what is happening and it is becoming even more common.  This is all part of the banks...
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