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Three Ways To Squeeze More Money Out Of Your Deal

Published April 04, 2021

It's A Seller's Market: Here's What You Need To Know The real estate market seems to be hot everywhere I look. Shortages in inventory, paired...

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Market Opportunity Analysis – Redefining Your Competition

Published April 04, 2021

Redefining The Competition Through Market Opportunity Analysis Business opportunities are needed to both start your venture and to grow it. But how do you know...

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Beat Them On Price: When You Can’t Win Any Other Way

Published September 09, 2019

"I need your help!!! What can you do?" A desperate female voice was on the other end of the line. I could tell that her...

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Relationships with a Portfolio Lender: How Important Is It?

Published July 07, 2017

Do you have aspirations of owning a real estate empire?  Do you dream about being able to retire and live the life of your dreams...

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Multi-family vs Single-family: Which is Better?

Published November 11, 2016

It reminds me of the old Miller Lite commercials;  "Less Filling!"  "Tastes great!,"  the constant debate on what is a better investment, multifamily/small apartments or...

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Cash on Cash Return & Return on Investment

Published August 08, 2016

What Is The Difference and Which One is Better?​ How do you compare two investment properties side by side to determine which is the best...

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How to Write Your Offers as a Wholesaler

Published July 07, 2016

The biggest mistakes I see beginning wholesalers make is the way they write their contracts.  It is very important that you know what your exit...

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ANALYZING A POTENTIAL DEAL: Why ROI is Not the Only Variable to Consider

Published July 07, 2015

Would you be happy if you found an investment that would return 40% a year? Most investors would say yes to this question.  Now, does...

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How to analyze apartment buildings in less than three minutes

Published November 11, 2010

Between the years 2010 and 2015 many banks will be forced to foreclose and liquidate a portion of their commercial holdings.  The reason for this...

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Wholesaling Vs Bird-Dogging

Published November 11, 2011

Many experts will tell you that wholesaling is the best way to getting into the real estate business.  In fact, I have said this same...

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Is Investing Out Of State A Good Idea?

Published May 05, 2012

There are tremendous cash flow deals out of state.  That is probably why there is more and more interest in expanding your investment options.    For...