90% Acquisition Loan - The faster Approval House Flip Loan

Are you looking for a faster and softer hard money loan? The 45 Day Bridge loan is perfect for Colorado real estate investors fixing and flipping houses. With a small 10% down payment, you can purchase a home to rehab fast!

There is no appraisal requirement meaning Pine Financial Group can underwrite and fund files in days instead of weeks or months. This is a pretty simple loan, so pricing is also much better than our flagship 100% Rehab Loan.

Some examples of why real estate investors choose to use the 90% Acquisition loan:

  • The investor wants to save on fees and/or interest costs
  • The investor wants to borrow less money, which increases profits
  • The investor needs to close fast!

We Can Give No Cost Loan Commitment Letters

If you are an investor in Colorado, you know that sellers want to know you can close. They want to know where the money is coming from. Having proof that you have money behind you will help you secure fantastic real estate opportunities. Get your pre-approval done now so we can provide you your free loan commitment letter today.

Get Pre Qualified For Your Funding Today!