Pine Financial Group recognizes that each investor has unique needs, priorities, and investment preferences. We offer a platform of separate accounts, evergreen funds, and co-investments, enabling investors to achieve their targeted duration and exposure to specific geographic regions and property types. ​

Invest With Us

Pine Financial Group offers investment solutions across the real estate debt asset class. We provide flexible capital to support real estate investors and create value for our capital partners and within our communities. We aim to generate consistent returns throughout market cycles. 

First-lien, fixed-rate mortgages

Our portfolio of first-position lien, fixed rate mortgages provides investors with consistent cash flow and returns, liquidity, low volatility, security in the capital stack, and diversification. Private core real estate has historically had low correlation to traditional assets and other alternative assets. 

Capital is deployed immediately​

Unlike most private capital investments, capital is deployed immediately upon investment. Therefore, investors do not incur any cash drag. Investors immediately gain access to our diversified pool of real estate debt and start earning interest on day one. 

Investor Solutions

Products designed to meet the unique needs of each investor. Core real estate debt appeals to many investors, but Pine Financial Group recognizes each has unique investment preferences and goals. 

Our goal is to bring institutional-quality private real estate investments to individual investors like you. Our investment products allow investors to receive consistent, monthly cash flow generated by a portfolio of fixed-rate, senior-secured mortgages with low minimum commitments. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Fund V, available to all U.S. investors, and Fund VI, available to U.S. accredited investors. 

We offer a platform of separate accounts, evergreen funds, and co-investments, enabling investors to achieve their targeted return, duration, and exposure to specific geographic regions and property types. 

Track Record At-A-Glance:

$975.1MM loans originated since inception
2,534 loans funded
1,195 borrowers
12.9% weighted average interest rate of loans originated

Metrics as of June 30, 2024

Accessible Fund Structure

Pine Financial Group aims to democratize access to income-producing real estate. Each of our evergreen funds provide investors with access to our loan portfolio with low minimum commitments and liquidity. 

Long-Standing Track Record

Our strong, long-term track record benefits from low defaults and credit losses. Our experience with the borrower base and core markets gives us an edge in evaluating risk. 


Since 2008, our investment team has followed disciplined underwriting standards and our long-standing relationships allow us to source investment opportunities with confidence. 

Enhanced Transparency

Pine Financial Group publishes monthly newsletters and semi-annual updates on fund performance, and hosts quarterly town halls to provide investors with updates regarding the company, the portfolio and fund performance, and answer investor questions. 

Disciplined Underwriting

We are committed to protecting and growing investors’ capital. Each investment undergoes a multi-step underwriting process that focuses on the borrower’s creditworthiness and the underlying collateral. Opportunities are screened by loan officers and analyzed by our executive team. 

Questions for investor relations can be emailed to