Hard Money Lenders For
Real Estate Flippers In Denver

Pine Financial Group is a hard money lender in Denver with the Denver investor in mind. Our specially crafted loans help real estate investors succeed. Pine Financial Group has been in and around Denver since its inception in 2008 and has closed thousands of deals. 

Our Loans

If you are a fix and flipper or real estate investor in Denver, you just found the most experienced and reliable hard money lender in town.

When Pine Financial Group started lending in 2008, we had one loan. The 100% Rehab loan is still the most popular loan we offer. This true no money down fix and flip loan is perfect for any Denver investor buying houses in need of repairs.

Did you know you can leverage your IRA and buy Denver real estate? We are here to help. Finance your next project in your IRA for huge tax savings. We’ll supply the loan.

There are several circumstances when real estate investors need to hold a property for a short period of time. Don’t tie up your cash, we can help. The 45 Day Bridge loan is perfect for real estate wholesalers or short-term real estate investors.

Bridge financing in the world of commercial real estate is essential. Banks want cash flowing assets so a distressed property can be challenging to finance. Don’t worry, Pine Financial Group understands this need and has the loan for you! We meet your short-term commercial funding needs.

The interesting thing about financing real estate is each lender plays by a different set of rules. Outside of your conventional funding sources, there are many options. If you or the project does not qualify for traditional funding, turn to portfolio lenders for help. They keep their loans and have the flexibility to get hard to fund deals done.

Closing coming up? We close FAST! The 90% Acquisition Loan is perfect for the rehab investor that has a small down payment and wants to close fast. This more affordable option does not require an appraisal, meaning you can close fast!

If you are a wholesaler, you probably understand the double close. Double closes are getting tougher and tougher as title companies are requiring the wholesaler to physically buy the house before they resell it. This means they are asking for funding at the table when you close. A flash cash loan provides 100% of your funding for the day or two that you need to cover.

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