90% Acquisition Loan - The Quickest Loan In Wisconsin

Short fuse? We get it. Sometimes investors need to close fast. This unique loan gives us the ability to close on your Wisconsin investment in record time. Close in days instead of weeks. We can do this because we have a team standing by and do not have an appraisal requirement to slow down the process. Because we understand real estate investments, we can work with everyone involved and get your deal to the closing table often before the title company is even ready.

All it takes is a 10% down payment, and you can get your deal done. This high leverage, extremely popular loan, is perfect for real estate investors that have the down payment and want to close fast and save money. Need to close right away? Give this a try!

We Can Give No Cost Loan Commitment Letters

Let’s face it, deals are getting harder to get. Sellers want to know you are serious and that you have the money to close. A loan commitment letter is essential to helping you negotiate killer deals in Wisconsin.

Get your same day loan commitment letter at no cost by completing the prequalification application. This simple process gives you the confidence that you can perform on your promise and costs you nothing to get. We won’t even pull credit until you have an agreement on a deal. There is no risk to get approved today! 

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