Importance of Relationships for Real Estate Investors

We welcome Jerry Macnamara this week and talk about how important relationships are in any industry, but specifically for real estate investors. It is our...Watch now!

Fix and Flip: Reasons NOT To Do the Rehab Work Yourself

Thinking about becoming a real estate investor and undertaking a fix and flip project? We don't always recommend doing the work yourself, check out the...Watch now!

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing A Short Term Rental

If you are thinking about investing in a short-term rental like a property that you list on AirBNB or VRBO, check out this video. We...Watch now!

3 Ways To Save Money On Your Rental Properties

We go over three ways that we have saved money on our rental properties as real estate investors. A couple of these tips have to...Watch now!

5 Ways Real Estate Investors Makes Millions

Many people have made millions through real estate investing, but how? Real estate is an investment that can turn you into a millionaire and in...Watch now!

PFG Fund V: How We Pay Investors 8% On Their Investments

We get asked all the time how we are able to pay our passive real estate investors an 8% return on their investments. We talk...Watch now!

What Successful Real Estate Investors Are NOT Doing

We work with both new and seasoned real estate investors and compiled a list of what we have seen from our clients. Here are some...Watch now!

Understanding Mortgage Funds: Debunking the Ponzi Scheme Myth

Get the facts about mortgage funds and why they are _*not*_ Ponzi schemes. Mortgage funds are backed by real estate, a transparent asset, and the...Watch now!

New Real Estate Investor Loan Product: 90/90 Loan

Introducing our new loan for real estate investors, our 90/90 loan! We cover 90% of the purchase price AND 90% of the rehab costs up...Watch now!

Passive Real Estate Investing: Benefits of Investing in PFG Fund V

This video highlights the advantages of investing in PFG Fund V and earning a solid 8% passive return on your investment. The investment provides a...Watch now!

Real Estate Investing: Is Now the Time to Buy?

Thinking about real estate investing but aren't sure if now is the time to buy? We talk about what you should consider as a real...Watch now!

Changing Real Estate Housing Market: Insights from Successful Investors

Ever wonder what it takes to thrive in a changing real estate housing market? This video goes over a few of the things that we...Watch now!

Top 5 Real Estate Investment Mistakes That Cost Investors Money in 2022

We look at the top 5 real estate investment mistakes that we saw cost investors money in 2022. As seasoned industry professionals, we've seen these...Watch now!

The Impact of Inflation on Real Estate and Real Estate Investors

Inflation is affecting the real estate market, and investors need to be aware of its impact. This video discusses how rising prices and interest rates...Watch now!

Real Estate Investors Looking For Success With Fulfillment

We welcome Jerry Macnamara this week and talk about how we can look for success with fulfillment as real estate investors. Jerry is the founder...Watch now!

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