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Unlocking Opportunities for Higher Returns and Capital Preservation: AAPL Conference 2023 Recap

In this week’s video, we dissect the wealth of knowledge garnered from the recent American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL) conference. Join Brandon McKnight, Jared Seidenberg, and Kevin as they unravel the essence of Pine Financial’s investment strategy, focusing on capital preservation and solid returns. They discuss Pine Financial’s track record, having shielded fund investors..

Mastering Real Estate Investing: Key Takeaways from Season 1 of the Podcast

We hope the first season of the Real Estate Educators Podcast has helped you to elevate your real estate game! Join Kevin as he recaps Season 1, where he brings you the most insightful and impactful highlights from his conversations with seasoned professionals in the industry. Discover how Anthony Verch emphasizes the importance of mentorship..

From Passive to Prosperous: 5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Kevin dives deep into the five top strategies for profitable real estate ventures. He explores the timeless allure of rental properties, the adrenaline rush of wholesaling and fix-and-flips, and the new frontiers of syndications and debt investments. Gain valuable insights that could redefine your approach to real estate investment. He walks through the pros and..

Jonathan Greene – Trust and Transparency in Real Estate Investing

Jonathan Greene is a thought leader in the real estate investing space. His podcast, Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing is one of the fastest-growing real estate podcasts in the world. He is a lifelong real estate investor, on-market team leader, and luxury agent, as well as a certified life coach and real..

How Interest Rates Are Determined For Mortgages

Joe Massey, a renowned mortgage expert from Castle and Cook Mortgage, joined Kevin this week to demystify the complex world of mortgage interest rates. Gain valuable insights into the risk factors that influence interest rates and find out how lenders protect their investments. In this episode, you will be able to:– Understand how lenders price..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Nick Simpson – How Building Relationships Drives Real Estate Success

Are you a real estate investor looking to target smaller cities for your projects? In this episode of the Real Estate Educators Podcast, Kevin sits down with the knowledgeable Nick Simpson to discuss the art of building solid relationships with local authorities. Discover why smaller cities can be a goldmine for investment opportunities and how..

Avoid Overwhelming Solicitations: Regain Control Over Your Privacy

Kevin has been overwhelmed with solicitations from mortgage companies after a standard credit pull and it is so frustrating! Discover how you can protect your personal information and limit the amount of solicitations you receive. Here are the websites noted in the In this episode, you will be able to:– Protect your privacy and..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Fund Your Flip – Master the Art of Real Estate Funding

Looking to diversify your investment portfolio? Tune in to the Real Estate Educators Podcast, where Kevin Amolsch is joined by real estate experts Brandon McKnight and Callie Parmele to discuss his upcoming book launch, which focuses on raising money for real estate deals. Gain valuable insights into building a list of potential investors and discover..

2 Takeaways From Kilimanjaro: How Real Estate Investors Thrive with a Positive Mindset

Unlocking Success with the Law of Attraction | Real Estate Investing Podcast While Kevin was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro a couple of key takeaways came to his mind after spending the experience with a group of 20 successful real estate investors. He talks in this video about harnessing the law of attraction to manifest your real..

Kevin Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro!

Kevin climbed Mount Kilimanjaro a few weeks ago in a group of 20 real estate investors and documented the entire journey! Go along with him as he took on the challenge of hiking up to the peak at 19,341 feet. 00:00 – Day 101:11 – Day 202:00 – Day 302:32 – Day 404:10 – Day..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Daniel Martinez – Unlocking Profitability for Real Estate Investors

Unlocking Profitability: The Advantages of Land Investing with Daniel Martinez Are you tired of the same old real estate investing strategies? Discover the transformative power of land investing and creative financing in this episode of the Real Estate Educators Podcast. In this episode, you will be able to:– Discover real estate investing strategies that can..

Fund Your Flip – Being Released on Nov. 18, 2023!

Turbocharge Your Flips: Insider Secrets for Purchasing Properties with No Money Down Discover how real estate investors can achieve financial success by leveraging hard money lending, as host Kevin Amolsh defies initial resistance and shares his deep knowledge in a captivating podcast episode that reveals the irony of his premise and the central conflict of..

Real Estate Investors: Important Updates on Colorado’s Housing Legislation for Landlords

Stay ahead of the curve and avoid legal pitfalls as Colorado landlords navigate the recent housing legislation, with expert advice from Jared Seidenberg on how to adapt and protect your investments in a changing landscape. In this episode, you will be able to: – Stay informed about recent housing legislation in Colorado to ensure compliance..

Real Estate Educators Podcast: Pamela Maass Garrett – Mastering Social Media for Success

If you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of business growth despite your efforts on social media, then you are not alone! Maybe you’re consistently posting on various platforms, but you’re not seeing an increase in leads or con. Perhaps you’re spending hours crafting engaging content, but it’s not generating the desired engagement or..

Is A Banking Crisis Looming?

Have you heard these myths about the looming banking crisis in the US? Like that the crisis will only affect big banks and real estate investors will be unaffected. Here’s the truth: the crisis will have far-reaching implications for all banks, including smaller ones, and real estate investors need to be prepared for potential risks..

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