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How to Find Deals

Following Up on Seller Leads

Published July 07, 2016

How would your life change if you were able to convert ten percent more of your leads into deals?  It is easy to do and...

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4 Ways To Buy Rentals With No Down Payment

Published April 04, 2016

I got home from a party at about 3:00 am hungry for some leftover chicken wings, so I threw them in the microwave and sat...

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3 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers on a Shoe String Budget

Published August 08, 2010

When I was first getting into this business over eight years ago I was working my way through college and did not have much money.  ...

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Is Investing Out Of State A Good Idea?

Published May 05, 2012

There are tremendous cash flow deals out of state.  That is probably why there is more and more interest in expanding your investment options.    For...

How to Find Deals

Stop Accepting “maybe”

Published June 06, 2012

Many of you have heard me talk about reducing your chances of a seller telling you “maybe” when you are buying homes directly from homeowners....