Become A Hard Money Lender

Why Choose Hard Money Lending?

Making the decision to become a Hard Money Lender is a good one. Also known as Private Money Lending, or Trust Deed Investing, Hard Money Lending can be an extremely secure and steady investment. Some of the savviest investors love Hard Money Lending because it provides:

  • A Secure Investment
  • High Returns
  • Passive Income

Let us know if you are looking for help as a hard money lender. Our business, including what we do for our investors in our Elite Opportunity Fund, follows our battle-tested hard money lending process.

Hard Money Lenders Make Their Money Work For Them

The richest people in history, think Ford, Morgan, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt, have one thing in common. They all invested money into loans. They all did this because they understand how important it is to have your money work hard for you. One of the biggest advantages to Hard Money Lending is that it is passive. That keeps your time free to earn money or enjoy life while you let your investment dollars work hard for you.

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Hard Money Lender

As great as hard money lending is, there are both Pros and Cons to becoming a hard money lender.  Especially if you are doing this on your own. Let’s start by understanding the pros and cons of becoming a Hard Money Lender. 

  • Returns are much higher with Hard Money Lending than you will find with most other fixed-income investments. There is a demand for money in the real estate investing world so real estate investors are willing and able to pay a premium for access to that money.
  • It is nice knowing that your money is secure while someone else does the work to pay you a high rate of return. With Hard Money Lending, you loan money to a real estate investor that will be busy rehabbing houses for your mutual benefit. 
  • When done right, Hard Money Lenders are secure in the investment with real estate. In a worst-case scenario, you will end up with a house. Having this security makes this a safer investment then investments with no collateral while keeping returns high.
  • The key to true financial wealth is passive income. The concept of having your money make money for you while you do what you want is how freedom is created. If you are not working with a professional to find you deals and service them there will be some work involved with being a hard money lender but you can eliminate most of all of that by choosing to work with a professional. 
  • If you decide to become a Hard Money Lender but choose not to work with a loan originator and loan servicer you will be actively investing. Returns can be higher when you are more actively involved but it also takes away the big advantage of being passive. Becoming a Hard Money Lender on your own is like starting another business and could require your attention at any time.
  • Investing in Hard Money Loans without the help of a mortgage fund takes a significant amount of capital. Unless you decide to invest in a higher risk position, you will need to fund the entire loan which magnifies exposure and reduces diversification.
  • There are regulations in this business, and they change regularly. If you are a Hard Money Lender on your own, you will need to stay on top of the regulations to stay compliant with authorities. Of course, this is eliminated if you work with a licensed originator or invest in a Hard Money Fund.

Loans Are Secured Against Property

As a Hard Money Lender, you will be secured by one of the best assets in the world, real estate. Real estate is limited and can be sold or can produce income in the way of rent. If you loan against residential assets, like houses, there will always be a need. Real estate can also be insured and tends to go up in value over time. It is the perfect way to secure an investment.

If you choose to work with Pine Financial Group and invest in our Elite Opportunity fund, you will be diversified across many deals and deal types. We invest money from our fund into Hard Money Loans for residential houses, condos, and townhomes in different locations as well as some commercial and other cash-flowing assets.

We work hard to keep our money working in many different loans so we can promise you a return you can count on. Even larger loans are split up to further diversify our investors across multiple deals.

Diversification is essential for capital preservation. It can be challenging to accomplish true diversification if you are investing in individual Hard Money Loans. For example, if you are in two Hard Money Loans and one of your borrowers stops making their payments, your income could be cut in half. And it would cost you money to try to collect. If you are diversified, your income can withstand a default because other borrowers will be paying. Investors learn to diversify in other investments, like the stock market but tend to forget that lesson in real estate.

Our Focus On Active Real Estate Investors Means Your Money Works Harder

The beauty of Hard Money Lending is that someone else is working hard to keep your money secure and ensure you get high returns. Active real estate investors make money buying and rehabbing houses, but they need money to do it. When you provide that capital, you are providing significant need and are compensated well for filling that need.


We focus on finding and evaluating high-quality active investors with high-quality real estate deals. When we work together you can count on:

Because these loans are so short term, investors can pay a higher interest rate. We are fast and effective and our borrowers pay for that. Those high-interest rates provide higher returns to you, our private money investor.

With thousands of deals under our belt, we have learned a thing or two. We know how to find and analyze Hard Money deals. You can benefit from that experience when you choose to work with us. You can see our underwriting guidelines and how we make our lending decisions when you receive your copy of our Investment Prospectus.

Our Specialty Is Lending To House Flippers

Although we work with almost all real estate investors, our focus is on the fix and flip investor.  We do this because they are buying real estate assets that tend to have more liquidity, meaning we can sell it quickly if we need to. We understand this business because we have all been in this business. We know what to look for in a rehab budget and how to guide our borrowers to success. These loans tend to be a little smaller, helping us stay diversified, which is essential to safe investing.

Fix and flippers have borrowing needs that are not understood by conventional lenders. They need loans quickly and they want to pay them back quickly. Conventional lenders and banks make money from interest making it difficult for them to work with fix and flippers. With a combination of borrower fees and a higher rate, we are able to meet the needs of fix and flippers and provide a passive investment with a high return to our investors.

The most successful fix and flippers and real estate investors that we work with are much more focused on relationships and results than they are the best interest rate. We attract high-quality borrowers willing to pay a premium because we produce.

Because we understand the needs of a fix and flipper, we have created loans that meet those needs. This is different than when they approach banks with no flexibility. We have a small experienced team and work closely with our borrowers towards their success.

Joining A Pool Of Investors Is Better Than ‘Going It Alone’

If you want to be a Hard Money Lender but are not interested in doing it yourself, you might consider investing in a Hard Money Fund. Join a group of other Hard Money Lenders and get all the benefits of a professionally managed fund. It all starts when you request more information.

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