90% Acquisition Loan - The Fastest Loans In Minnesota

The 90% Acquisition Loan is a great option to save some money and close fast and is quickly becoming a popular choice for real estate investors in Minnesota. Need to close a deal this week? Pine Financial Group is fully staffed and ready to help. 

With a small 10% down payment, you can be closing on your deal in days, not weeks or months. With no appraisal requirement, we can get you through the loan process fast! With a smaller loan amount and smaller fees, you will save money, which goes right to the bottom line.

We Can Give No Cost Loan Commitment Letters

In real estate, especially in a competitive market like Minnesota, it is all about getting the deal. What separates you from other investors, and why would the seller accept your low offer? Sellers want to be sure buyers can perform. They want to see the money! 

Get pre-approved today, and we will supply you with a loan commitment letter for free! You can use this letter with your real estate offers, giving the seller confidence you can close. 

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