Commercial Bridge Loans In Wisconsin

Do you remember the game of Monopoly? Four green houses, then one red hotel. The big money was made when you got the hotel. The commercial property. Real-life is no different. The biggest deals and the biggest money in Wisconsin come in commercial value-add deals.  

A commercial value-add deal is when you can increase the property value with improvements.  Maybe it is a physical improvement like a new parking lot or maybe it is simply an improvement in management and increasing rental rates. These underperforming properties are challenging to finance so you need someone on your team that understands it. It is sometimes best to use a Commercial Bridge Loan to buy and improve the property and then refinance it with your bank.   

Pine Financial Group is here for you. We have money to lend on Wisconsin value-add opportunities. You can borrow the money to purchase your commercial property and improve it. Once the property is stable, meaning generating income, you can easily sell to a turn-key buyer for a big payday, or refinance and reap the monthly rewards.   

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