Bridge Loans Minnesota

Have a short term real estate funding need? Bridge loans are common with real estate investors. These loans can be closed quickly and fill a gap between your purchase and your end goal. For example, maybe you purchased a foreclosure that you are selling to another real estate investor, but there is a deed restriction that says you need to own the property for a while before you can sell it. Or maybe you purchased a home that was not financeable conventionally because of some minor repairs. Anytime you need a short term loan, a bridge loan is the fastest way to get it done. 

When A 45 Day Bridge Loan Makes Sense

The 45 Day Bridge Loan is a great tool for any real estate wholesaler or real estate investor in Minnesota. It is a cheaper and quicker solution to your short term needs. The 45 Day Bridge Loan is perfect when:

  • You want to wholesale a foreclosure with a deed restriction
  • You negotiate a short sale and need to close fast
  • The property needs minor repairs to qualify for conventional financing
  • You need to free up cash from a property you are selling 
  • Any other time you have a short term need 

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