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Commercial Bridge Loan Lenders

Successful real estate investors make money when they can add value to a deal. That is why fix and flips are so popular on the residential side. But what about commercial real estate investing? A value-add commercial deal is typically a deal that needs rehab work or is experiencing a high vacancy. These projects are difficult to finance with traditional banks because they are “underperforming”. So what is the solution?

Commercial Bridge Lenders understand this need and fill the gap between the acquisition and owning a project that can be financed by a bank. Think of a Commercial Bridge Lender as a short term partner in your project.  

Pine Financial Group is the expert in short term lending solutions. Unlike banks, we see the potential of a project and can loan based on that potential. We can close on your value-add commercial project quickly so you secure more deals and make more money.

What Is A Commercial Bridge Loan?​

Commercial Bridge Loans are flexible loans used by commercial real estate investors on a short-term basis. A Commercial Bridge Loan typically bridges a gap between the purchase of commercial real estate and the investor’s exit strategy. Common exit strategies are selling the project for a profit, or refinancing it and keeping it for the cash flow.

It is common that an investor will buy a project that is underperforming or distressed and will need to use a Commercial Bridge Loan. The loan can be used to buy and make repairs. Once it is performing the building will qualify for bank financing and the real estate investor will refinance into a more permanent loan.

The typical term for a Commercial Bridge Loan is 12 to 18 months but Pine Financial Group will be flexible with the term depending on the exit strategy. We want to help you be a successful commercial real estate investor so we will design the Commercial Bridge Loan around your objective with your project. Here are some reasons to consider a Commercial Bridge Loan:

  • Low occupancy rates – Low vacancy reduces income. In the commercial world, that means a reduced value. This is the most common reason for an underperforming property. By buying a building with a high vacancy and getting tenants, you immediately increase its value. The higher value makes it much easier to finance so a solution is to buy the property with a Commercial Bridge Loan, giving you time to locate new tenants before you ask your bank for a loan. 
  • The property needs rehab – It all comes down to income with commercial real estate but a properly-maintained property helps increase rents and secure tenants. Sometimes you will locate projects that need repairs to even make them safe to occupy. Banks want to loan on deals that produce income and rundown buildings don’t produce income. Buy the project with a Commercial Bridge Loan and let us help you fund the purchase and the repairs.
  • A project needs to be entitled – This is common with land developers. It is hard to finance land on a hope and a prayer. Banks want to know you can build what you think you can build and the only way to ensure that is to have full government approval. A Commercial Bridge Loan will help you purchase the land and work with the city to get the project ready to go. Once you are fully approved with your plans, you should be able to secure your construction financing. 
  • You need to close fast – Let’s face it, banks are slow. They need to approve your financials, then approve your deal, then approve their approval. It is a draining process.  If you have a deal in the pipeline and just need to close, let us help. We can close fast without the red tape. 

Our Commercial Bridge Loan

Pine Financial Group wants to be your resource for Commercial Bridge Loans. We understand investors and understand short term financing needs. You will get a loan tailored to your situation helping the success of you and your project. It is common for us to offer terms of 12-18 months or more with our Commercial Bridge Loans. It is also common that we finance your purchase and your repairs making this a low or no down payment transaction. 

We are happy to loan to individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and trusts. These are easy-qualify deals at competitive terms. Each project is different so contact our office today to speak to an experienced consultant today.

We loan against apartments, warehouses, raw land, retail, and even offices. Have a good project with a solid plan? Let’s look at it together.

There is a sweet spot in the market that we are happy to fill. Common Commercial Bridge Loan amounts range from $1 million to $3 million but we are happy to look at larger projects and have no minimum loan requirement.

Because each Commercial Bridge Loan need is unique, the terms and conditions can vary. But Pine Financial Group is dedicated to the success of its clients. It is common to have the purchase and repairs to your project rolled into the loan and have the money available for 12 to 18 months. Contact our office today and let’s discuss your deal. We offer these loans in Maryland, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, and Washington D.C.

Why Choose Pine Financial Group?

When you choose to work with Pine Financial Group you are choosing to work with a professional that understands your business. With thousands of transactions under our belt and having access to millions of dollars for your project, we just might be the perfect fit.

If closing fast without the red tape is important, we can help. If funding the purchase and repairs on your commercial project is important, we can help. If another set of eyes on your plan and profits is important, we can do that too.

We help our clients make money. See what other successful commercial real estate investors have had to say.

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