Meet Scott Craft

Scott Craft

Loan Officer

Scott Craft

Loan Officer

Scott Craft was born and raised in Colorado and is a third-generation real estate investor.  Scott’s father was a fix-and-flipper turned hard money lender and taught Scott the business while he was home from college during the summers of ’07, ’08, and ’09.  After graduating with a degree in both Finance and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises from Syracuse University in 2010, Scott began his full-time career in Denver real estate investing.  Since then, Scott has worked as a hard money lender, fix-and-flipper, real estate broker, developer and landlord.  Outside of Pine Financial, Scott is focusing his investments on developing infill lots and acquiring more rental properties in the Denver Metro area.

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The Inspection Contingency

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Fix And Flip: Is This Building Salvageable?

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Tenants Actions Will Affect Your Bottom Line

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