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Analyzing a Deal

Analyzing a real estate deal is the first step to any successful transaction, I am often surprised at how few people are proficient in running the numbers. If you struggle to quickly run numbers on a deal I assure you that you are not alone; so many formulas, rules, types of financing and measures of..

Everything you Could Ever Want to Know about Title Insurance

Join us for an informative seminar on title insurance presented by the founder and attorney for First Alliance Title, Greg Parham. We’ll discuss the following topics and many others: • Why do you need title insurance?• How much does it cost?• Who pays?• What’s a Hold-Open Policy?• What’s a re-issue rate?• Are there special rates..

Maximizing Tax Advantages in Your Real Estate IRA with Clay Malcolm

Learn some in depth information about investing in real estate with your IRA including how and why your IRA may need to pay taxes.

Webinar: How to Find Deals in a Tough Market with Kevin Amolsch

President of Pine Financial Group, Kevin Amolsch walks you through how to find more deals than you can handle. If you are looking for deals in the MLS you are probably experiencing some difficulties. You are not alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to have sellers calling and begging you to BUY their house? Would it..

The Expert Tells All with Charles Roberts

The expert tells all! Join us as Justin Cooper interviews Your Castle Real Estate’s managing broker and owner, Charles Roberts. We will be discussing how Charles got his start in Real Estate, how he makes his money today, what his “a-ha” moment was, his best/worst deal, and much more! We will also pick his brain..

Real Estate Professional Status for Tax Planning and Savings (Webinar)

Are you a real estate investor just starting out or a seasoned professional wondering if you’re making the right moves with your taxes? How comfortable do you feel with the laws surrounding passive income and losses, material participation, and real estate professional status? These special tax laws impact real estate investors and other professionals and..

How to Purchase and Finance Rental Properties (webinar)

Compare three different ways to finance your next rental property to make the most out of your investment.

Top Investor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Check out the top mistakes investors make from two industry pros.

Hard Money for the Real Estate Investor Webinar

Quick webinar on using hard money as a real estate investor

Hard Money QandA

Get your Hard Money Loan questions answered by one of the nations best and most active hard money lenders. These video goes through common questions with detailed answers.

Hard Money with Travis Sperr

Travis from Pine Financial explains what hard money is and how it is used successfully. This is from our first Real Estate Investors Success Summit.

Double Closing.mp4

Real estate wholesaling with a double close. Learn how to use a double close to never need cash or credit to be a real estate investor. We do these deals all the time so this is current information that is working now.

How To Raise Private Money

Learn a tip that helped me raise over $2 million from one individual. You are not going to believe where this happened.

Real Estate IRA.mp4

Learn to invest in real estate with your IRA.

Pine Financial Testimonial .mp4

David Cordova from Denver shares his experiance with Pine Financial.