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Looking back at 2017

Listen in while Justin Cooper and Travis Sperr of Pine Financial Group provide a look back at 2017 and discuss what 2018 will bring to real estate investors. Justin and Travis have worked on hundreds of real estate deals including private money loans, rental property acquisition and management, townhome development projects and more. Combined and..

MN Success Summit 2017

We have been told over and over that this is the best event our guests attend all year so we are doing it again. Please join us for a fantastic real estate education event with NO SALES PITCHES!!! You love choices, so we will have several speakers in breakout sessions, and one killer expert panel…

Fall 2017 Real Estate Investor Success Summit

Are you interested in learning about real estate management essentials? What about techniques for getting houses under contract? Learning how to buy your first deal? There is SO much to learn from some of the BEST real estate investors in the state…October 28, 2017! Plus, you won’t regret the opportunity to network with local expert..

The Expert Tells All With Dave Hughey

Dave Hughey is a new investor in the Colorado market! He will be completing his first fix and flip shortly, and although he envisions a successful finish, it didn’t always go so smooth. We will be discussing how Dave’s first fix and flip deal went, how he got his start in Real Estate, what his..

How to Build a Portfolio of 10 Properties

One of the most common goals of a property investor is to build a large portfolio and generate passive income for retirement. While we hear this goal a lot, very few investors actually achieve this goal and many end up never even buying their first property. This presentation will show you 4 different ways to..

The Expert Tells All with Kevin Ortner

Kevin Ortner first joined the Renters Warehouse in 2009 when he opened the first Renters Warehouse franchise in Phoenix, AZ. His franchise has been consistently awarded with best-in-class business and culture awards, and reached a record 2000 properties under management for a single franchise in 2016.After the 2015 retirement of Renters Warehouse founder Brenton Hayden,..

Day 2 2 Ultimate Creative Financing

Kevin sits on a financing panel at the Best Ever Real Estate Conference.

Building a lasting company

Watch Kevin interview Scott Lewis with Spartan Investment Group.

The Expert Tells All with Sheena Blankenagel

We will be discussing how Sheena got her start in Real Estate, how she makes her money today, what her “a-ha” moment was, her best/worst deal, and much more! We will also pick her brain to see where she thinks the market is heading and how investors can take advantage of it.

Leveraging your IRA for Real Estate Investments

Did you know your IRA can be a real estate investor while keeping it’s tax benefits? It Can! Did you know your IRA can take out a loan to buy a property? It Can! (…wait there’s more…) Did you know that your IRA can use hard money to secure a property? It Can! Join Justin..

Interview Hope Byrne

Determining After Repaired Value

After repaired value (ARV) is one of the hardest, but most important skills to have as a real estate investor. If you miss this number you could lose a lot more than your shirt. Learn from a pro how to value real estate, make adjustments and understand the positive and negative influences of your next..

A look back on 2016 (Kevin and Travis talk shop)

Listen in while two of Denver’s top investors/private lenders discuss 2016 and look forward into 2017. Kevin and Travis have worked on over 1,000 real estate deals, 150 in 2016, to include private money loans, rental property acquisition, land development, and small townhome development projects. Combined and with their clients, they have transacted over $75..

5 Surefire Ways to Lose Money on your First Flip and How to Avoid Them

We talk all the time about how to make money on your deals, but you need to know the common mistakes to avoid to be ultra successful! If we do not learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it! In this lighthearted presentation, Justin Cooper from Pine Financial Group will walk you through..


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