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Should You Use a Property Manager?

When you own rental properties, you are either managing those properties on your own or you have hired a property manager to step in and oversee the property for you. This week, Travis Sperr and Justin Cooper discuss how each of them are managing their rental properties and give examples of when and why they..

What’s the Big Deal?

As a real estate investor it is important to know what is going on in the markets surrounding you and hear what other investors are working on. Travis Sperr outlines a deal that he just wrapped up; he explains how he found the deal, what his process was, and the outcome of the project! Interested..

The Expert Tells All With Matt Telinde

Grand Junction, Colorado real estate investor, Matthew Telinde will be joining us! We will be discussing how Matt got his start in Real Estate, how he makes his money today, what his “a-ha” moment was, his best/worst deal, and much more! We will also pick his brain to see where he thinks the market is..

Estimating Repairs

One of the most important things an investor must be able to do is estimate repairs. The accuracy of this can make or break your deal, before you even make the offer. Because of that, you need to be able to do this while walking through a property, so you can make offers quicker. Having..

Economic Doomsday – protect yourself from hyper inflation

Does the national debt scare you? If not you have not seen the National Debt Clock. I just got done reading the Creature From Jekyll Island and I got to say it has me thinking. I do believe we have some time but eventually there is no way to avoid hyper inflation. We need to..

Rental Property Analysis

Do you know how to analyze a deal when you have it? Are you interested in making your analysis that much more accurate? Joe Massey with Castle and Cooke Mortgage joins us for this month’s Webinar! He’ll share their spreadsheet that helps quickly and accurately analyze Denver rental properties which they created to help investors..

Some Advice from Kevin

Kevin talks about partnerships and how they can help you succeed and also how they can go wrong. Check out Kevin’s advice on partnerships!

Exciting changes coming!

2018 has already been a great year! Goals are set in place, and we’re ready to reach them! Stay tuned for big changes, and don’t forget to subscribe to ensure you’re getting the most value from each and every one of our videos.

2018 Tax Reform

Are you a business owner or real estate investor?? Do you know what the new tax rules mean for you and your business?? 2018 Tax Reform has some exciting changes that you absolutely need to know about! We are pleased to host attorney and tax expert Stephanie Long in this February’s webinar, as she discusses..

GAP funding? Investor beware!

Why GAP funding is a bad idea for most private money lenders

Looking back at 2017

Listen in while Justin Cooper and Travis Sperr of Pine Financial Group provide a look back at 2017 and discuss what 2018 will bring to real estate investors. Justin and Travis have worked on hundreds of real estate deals including private money loans, rental property acquisition and management, townhome development projects and more. Combined and..

MN Success Summit 2017

We have been told over and over that this is the best event our guests attend all year so we are doing it again. Please join us for a fantastic real estate education event with NO SALES PITCHES!!! You love choices, so we will have several speakers in breakout sessions, and one killer expert panel…

Fall 2017 Real Estate Investor Success Summit

Are you interested in learning about real estate management essentials? What about techniques for getting houses under contract? Learning how to buy your first deal? There is SO much to learn from some of the BEST real estate investors in the state…October 28, 2017! Plus, you won’t regret the opportunity to network with local expert..

The Expert Tells All With Dave Hughey

Dave Hughey is a new investor in the Colorado market! He will be completing his first fix and flip shortly, and although he envisions a successful finish, it didn’t always go so smooth. We will be discussing how Dave’s first fix and flip deal went, how he got his start in Real Estate, what his..

How to Build a Portfolio of 10 Properties

One of the most common goals of a property investor is to build a large portfolio and generate passive income for retirement. While we hear this goal a lot, very few investors actually achieve this goal and many end up never even buying their first property. This presentation will show you 4 different ways to..